Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Review by Rebecca Benson

Stir, Laugh, Repeat...Repeat!, February 10, 2010
By Rebecca Benston "Fiesty, Fearless and Fabulous!" (Springfield, OH)

I pride myself in being a non-domestic type. Far be it from me to attempt cooking anything that requires the use of an actual stove. I was surprised at how inspired I was by Martha Cheves's cookbook, Stir, Laugh, Repeat. As I read through the recipes, so many of them jumped out at me as things I might actually be able to cook. I especially liked the one for Hash Brown Potatoes Au Gratin. Cheves has put together a reader-friendly cooking guide that gives you not only the information you need to attempt something new, but the inspiration. A wonderful read and a necessary addition to your cookbook collection. Nice work!

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