Saturday, June 6, 2009

Review by Ann B. Keller

A Great Delight, April 2, 2009
By Ann B. Keller (Cleveland, OH USA) - See all my reviews
What a delightful cookbook this is! Martha A Cheves provides the reader with so many wonderful recipes without swamping the average cook with a host of whisks, double boilers, strainers, mixing bowls, thermometers, pastry brushes and icing bags. These are simple, tasty recipes for family, friends and for parties.

However, I truly fell in love with all of the little tips and stories added to these marvelous dishes. Who wouldn't appreciate all of this great advice? Personable, funny, and heart warming, these small slices of life added greatly to the appeal of this book and made me feel much closer to the author herself. Stir, Laugh, Repeat is getting a prime spot on my shelf of cookbooks. I'm certain it's going to get a lot of use.

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