Saturday, December 5, 2009

Review by Reda Burk

A very very delightful cookbook that is compact, concise, easy handle, and containing such a variety of recipes that are simple and very appealing. They are easy enough for young people and new cooks to follow, yet they are not so simple that experienced cooks would not be interested in following them. I do not have time to spend on complicated recipes that take a lot of time to prepare, and this cookbook solves that problem. Also, I do not have to look beyond my own kitchen for most of the ingredients, a plus. I especially liked the tips throughout, most of which were new to me, and find them very useful. I will go over them and over them. I loved the stories which the author shared and found them so amusing,. They seemed to bring the cookbook to life and make you feel as though you personally know the author. They also made it more than just a cookbook. I found the suggestions in changes most helpful. In many cases, I had read or used a similar recipe but your suggestions really did improve them. I am particularly fond of southern recipes (as attested to by the fact that I am a Southern Living magazine subscriber), so I, of course, enjoyed those in the cookbook. I love Potato Soup and have always used my mother's recipe, but since trying yours I have decided to make that my permanent recipe. I would, however, omit the sour cream, for my own taste. I found the Sausage Cookies delicious and would not have thought of topping them with a pecan. That gave them a nice balance and even enhanced the taste.. I have used a similar Key Lime Pie recipe before but love yours. I agree with your "man friend" on the Mustard Pork Chops. They do seem kind of messy but I was so surprised at the delicious flavor. They will be a keeper for sure. My daughter makes the Monkey Bread but never thought to include the butterscotch pudding until we saw the recipe in your book. It really does give the dish a wonderful flavor. I must tell you a story about Boiled Peanuts. My daughter, my sister and I were on a trip south recently and stopped for gas at a mini-market. Inside, they had a pot of boiled peanuts going. Never having tasted them, we watched as a girl ladled a cupful. She said "I love these and make special trips here to get them." When she heard we had never tried them she offered us a taste. I did not try them but the other two did. They waited until the girl left and both spit them out as soon as they could. They said they had a terrible taste. I don't think I will be trying them. I also enjoyed the Chicken Marsala and will be using that again and again. I plan to continue using more recipes, and especially the ones for cookies for the holidays.

Overall, I think this is a great cookbook. I love it! The recipes are so simple and unique. The book combines delightful recipes with wit and humor, giving it a personal touch, and the tips themselves are worth the price of a book. I am a collector of cookbooks and have never come across one like this. You did not ask for comments on the title or the cover, but I must tell you that I think the title is excellent and the cover itself is eye-catching.

Thank you so much for allowing me to comment on your wonderful cookbook.



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