Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Rebecca Review - Rebecca Johnson

Potato Soup and Mushroom Bread,
October 28, 2009
"Potato soup is one of my favorite soups. I worked on this recipe for about three months. I know my tasters were getting tired of it by the time I finally found the right combination. But now, everyone that has tried it keeps asking when I'm going to make more." ~ pg. 46

"Stir, Laugh, Repeat" is filled with tasty recipes that are easy to make. I made the Potato Soup and Mushroom Bread. I'd suggest that before you make the Mushroom Bread you put foil on the baking sheet. I didn't and lived to tell about it because the cheese gets baked onto the sheet. This is however a bread that is delicious and scented up the entire kitchen. My husband accused me of eating it all. Well I had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and he just had it for dinner. I'd make one suggestion for the recipe - toss the garlic with the mushrooms and olive oil. If you use a garlic press like I do it will be almost impossible to "sprinkle" garlic on the bread.

The recipe I tried tonight was the Potato Soup. It is very easy to make and would be perfect as a first course to a dinner menu. It calls for six medium potatoes and I guessed correctly that this would be about 2 ¼ pounds unpeeled potatoes. The recipe calls for cheese so I assumed it was for cheddar cheese. Also I couldn't find any canned Portobella mushrooms so I just used button mushrooms. There is no need to cook up bacon if you just use Bacon Bits. While the recipe calls for salt and pepper to taste I found that it needed 3 teaspoons of Lawry's seasoning salt and lots of freshly ground pepper. I also added 2 teaspoons of chicken base to season the soup. You can really adapt this recipe to your individual tastes. I liked the addition of sour cream and dried onions, although I added the onions when I was cooking the potatoes because I figured they needed time to rehydrate.

So I can recommend those two recipes to you with a few adaptations. All of the recipes have little stories with them and also include a special kitchen tip. Some of the other recipes you may enjoy include:

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I look forward to trying other recipes, especially some of the desserts. :)

~The Rebecca Review

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