Monday, October 19, 2009

Review by Lou Allin

The Biggest Little Cookbook in the World,
October 19, 2009
By Lou Allin "Islander" (Vancouver Island)
For all those who find preparing meals a chore, here's a little cookbook with a big attitude. Martha Cheves finds "joy while playing in the kitchen." Every time she emerges with a brimming pan or pot, she brings another gem to save time and money while pleasing the palate. Her down-home southern commentary reads like a personal diary and gives a special touch to each delicious dish. In this compact book loaded with fail-safe recipes, Martha starts with a winner: Banana Puddin'. This wonderful dessert vanishes faster than spring snow and always leaves guests cleaning their plates. Artichoke Chicken, Meatloaf Muffins, Rabbit Food Sandwich, and Pina Colada Salad. The turn of every page leads to more fun, imagination and taste that won't quit. Especially helpful are the clever tips at the end of each offering. Who could have thought that sour cream works magic in scrambled eggs or that leftover pickle juice could make cucumbers sparkle? As the final page turns, there's only one request for Martha, "More, please?"

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